How Can We Enable a Progress Bar for a Particular Field?

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You can configure the Progress Bar in the form builder for the specific dropdown fields of any entity form. You can enable the progress bar from the field configuration by scrolling down in the Field Configuration, you will find the Show as Progress Bar option. Enable the option to display the progress bar to the users in the customer portal. 

You can set the sequence of the available options (Field values) for the selected dropdown field. You can shuffle the options to change the sequence by dragging it up-down. 

The 2-design layouts are provided. You can select any design layout to display the progress bar in the customer portal. 

Progress Bar View

After enabling the progress bar, the portal users will get the progress bar. 

The portal users can change the value of the progress bar by clicking the stage displayed on the bar. The value of the field will be reflected according to the stage of the progress bar.

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