How to Enable an Account-based Hierarchy for the Portal Users

The portal users can access the data of all the contacts related to the Account. You need to create/edit a Role with relationship type as account and select Record Type for how you want to set hierarchy. 

Login to Backend 

Navigate to the Portal User Management ➤ Roles, you will land on the Roles page. Now click on the Create Role button to enable an account-based hierarchy for the portal user.

Relationship Type: Select the relationship type of the contact to account. 

Record Type: Select the record type from the My Records and All Records.

  • My Records: If the admin selects the My Records, the portal users will get their own records and related records when they log in to the customer portal. i.e Company-level records. 
  • All Records: If you select the All records, the portal users will get all the records. i.e Company-related records.

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