What is FetchXML Feature and How Does It Work in CRMJetty Portal?

FetchXML is a proprietary XML-based query language of Microsoft Dataverse used to query data using either the web API or Organization service. Here is how you can use the FetchXML feature to get a list view in CRMJetty Portal.

Login to Backend

Navigate to Design ➤ List Builder, you will land on the “List” page. Now open the list and insert the generated FetchXML Query and click on the Validate Query button that will check the query and based on that it will generate a list.

Note: To generate the FetchXML Query, follow the steps from this blog

For example, let’s see how to insert and validate the generated FetchXML Query for the “Case” entity. Insert the query under the FetchXML Query box and click on the Validate Query button.

If the error occurs during the validation of the query, you will get the error message in the red color below the edit box. 

If the query is validated, you will get the list layout as per the generated query. 

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